Our aim is to offer top quality commercial

legal advice at affordable fee levels in the

areas of technology, media, sport,

outsourcing and corporate/ commercial
Our clients know that they will receive

practical, commonsense, business advice

- backed by considerable technical legal expertise
The commercial and legal support you need, every step of the way

– in the UK and abroad, wherever business takes you

Barratt Legal

Barratt Legal was established in August 2008 by UK qualified solicitor Richard Barratt. The proposition is simple. Having spent more than 25 years working in major City and international law firms, Richard’s aim is to offer top quality commercial legal advice at affordable fee levels in the areas of commercial law, corporate lawintellectual property, outsourcing, sports media and IT and technology.

The firm’s client base ranges from major multinationals to emerging growth and start up companies. Larger clients are able to receive the quality of advice they would expect from a top international law firm, at significantly lower fee rates. Smaller companies are able to access a level of specialist advice and experience that they would not normally be able to afford.

We have a flexible operating model. For some of our larger clients we provide overflow or additional resource to support the internal legal team, in addition to specialist assistance on transactions and projects. For smaller clients investment in a full time internal legal function may not be cost effective. We often act as quasi-general counsel to support our clients until the volume of legal work justifies an internal appointment. We then assist with the transition and continue to provide ongoing external legal support. Our knowledge of our clients’ business operations enables us to add value and to advise on legal agreements and issues in a proper commercial context. We understand that internal counsel will always be called upon by management to balance legal and commercial factors.

A great deal of our work is for international companies or relates to jurisdictions outside the UK. We are English lawyers but have acquired extensive deal experience over 30 years in many different parts of the world. A rigid English law, English language approach to contracts does not work in all cases. English law may not be recognised in some jurisdictions. English courts may not be the correct forum for resolving disputes. Arbitration or other dispute mechanisms may be more appropriate. We work with our clients and local lawyers as necessary to produce contracts that not only reflect the parties’ commercial intention but also reflect local legal and cultural differences and appropriate routes for enforcement. We are always mindful that any form of international litigation is likely to be costly and beyond the means of many small ventures. We therefore look for practical protections to sit alongside the contract terms.

Most law firms claim that they have a commercial approach, but many fail to live up to the claim. Barratt Legal’s clients know that they will receive practical, common sense, business advice, backed by considerable technical legal expertise, gained across a wide range of business sectors.