We provide general commercial law support to many different types of business, assisting with both the procurement and sale of goods and services. Our diverse client base ranges from major global operations to smaller product suppliers and customers based in the UK and Europe. They include one of the largest independent care home operators in the UK, a major international provider of payment systems and related products, a European based provider of beverage machines and a UK based paint manufacturer. In order to provide the best service we make sure that we gain a thorough understanding of our clients and their business operations. We do not take the commodity approach of using the same standard boilerplate templates for every business. Terms and conditions that are not tailored to the products and markets to which they relate are likely to have unintended and disadvantageous consequences and to cause unnecessary tension in the negotiation process.

We advise on procurement and tender documentation, the creation or updating of standard terms and conditions, drafting and negotiating bespoke contracts for specific deals and contract management issues as they arise in the course of the contract lifecycle. We advise on arrangements for the distribution of products and establishment of sales networks, in the UK, Europe, and further afield. A great deal of our work involves the supply of products or services across different countries and legal jurisdictions. We are English lawyers but with our knowledge of many of the potential pitfalls of doing business outside the UK we can help to guide you through the minefield of international commerce, working with local lawyers as appropriate. It is amazing how many companies and advisers focus on preparing “belt and braces” contracts but give little thought as to whether and how they might be enforced, particularly in foreign jurisdictions. We are always looking for practical protections to support your contract, in order to minimise the need for costly litigation.

As an adjunct to our commercial practice we can assist with the preparation of the terms of employment or engagement of your senior employees and consultants.

We have listed below the main types of contracts that we can help you with but if the deal that you are looking at does not fall into those categories the chances are that we can reflect your commercial objectives in an appropriate form of agreement. Over the years we have prepared agreements for the franchise of exotic lingerie, the commercialisation of a board game, and the provision of circus acrobats!

  • Barratt Legal CorporateStandard terms and conditions for sale and supply of goods and services
  • Supply and manufacturing agreements
  • Framework agreements
  • Maintenance and technical assistance agreements
  • Warranty and service level agreements
  • Guarantees and indemnity agreements
  • Agency, distribution and franchise agreements
  • Introducer, fee and commission agreements
  • Request For Proposal (RFP) and other tender documentation
  • Recruitment terms and conditions
  • Sub-contractor & Self-employed contracts
  • Freelancer agreements
  • Consultancy agreements
  • Service agreements and employment contracts